Rajan Madan


Binding Minds as its name suffice, connects an irrevocable bond between the right opportunity and people and my journey has been the same where I got the opportunity to connect with all the great minds (our people) who are ready to new challenges each day and set examples for others around them. I hold the title of ‘President’ of Binding Minds but it’s the entire team who has the correct approach and vision to make company grow. We have some great leaders in the company who encourage and motivate a very positive environment and make Binding Minds a Great place to work. My vision for Binding Minds is to value its People and Customers. I envision our great team to take Binding Minds to the next level Recruitment where quality is the key to delivery. Binding Minds work culture makes us unique than other companies.

Saloni Mahajan

Vice President, Client Partnership

I love working at Binding Minds because this company is an institution to understand the real meaning of ‘Diversity & Inclusion’. From the very first day of my job, I was made part of Binding Minds big work family where gender equality, diverse cultures unite, and I felt ‘Inclusive’. I am VP - Client Partnership here, and this role matches with my personality of meeting new people each day, interacting with them, sharing stories and listening to their experiences. I do internal sales for the company where I am the first point of contact for all the new clients until I hand them over to our recruiting team. My vision for Binding Minds is to be one of the leading Staff augmentation companies of the nation and promote Diversity & Inclusion and to be a customer centric company; to build a culture where we connect people with right opportunities. Binding Minds has a unique approach to staffing where ‘Diverse Hiring’ is part of their brand and not a just a quota or part of the checklist.

Dheeraj Singh Thakur

Director Operations and Service Delivery

At Binding Minds, you get challenged every day, you get opportunity to learn and grow, you are believed by your management in tough time. Your learning curve will never go straight. I am Director of Operations and Service Delivery here, and I love my role as it matches with my personality of managing new challenges daily and ensuring that our employees and consultants are having world class experience. Our vision is to see Binding Minds As East Coasts Fastest Growing Talent provider company by 2025. At Binding Minds, we believe in giving all of our employees the feeling, mindset, and liberty of not just being a resource but a feeling of being the Owner of the Process.

Aashna Singh

HR & Operations Manager

I love working with Binding Minds is because of the flexibility it allows me to take care of things apart from work. We have great culture and most importantly the OPEN DOOR POLICY.  There are lot opportunities to grow and build a learning curve. I work as a HR & Operations Manager. No doubt this is an insane job but with the support and guidance, I have been able to pull off the show. My vision is to create a better workforce by partnering with each unit head to recruit, manage and retain them using our extensive knowledge and values. We are a service-based company and no doubt our goal is to serve our clients righteously. But we do believe that a happy employees will serve the client righteously.

Sunil Dhanda

Business Head

I enjoy working for Binding Minds and the values we represent. Through encouragement, training, and promotion, I have been allowed to work across several aspects. I have learned a lot during my time here and the coaching and leadership I have received have aided my career progression along the way. I appreciate the opportunities Binding Minds has given me. In organizations like Binding Minds, managers act as coaches and mentors instead of enforcers. Here, I feel the role of a manager is simply to remove obstacles from the paths of an employee so that the employee can succeed and grow. Unlike traditional organizations where managers sit at the top of the pyramid, in great organizations like this, managers sit at the bottom and help push people to the top.